Does Apex Legends run on AMD FX Processors?(2023)

The AMD FX series of processors was a very popular line of processors that came out in the last quarter of 2012. In fact, they were so popular that despite being nearly 10 years old they still make it onto the charts for the most widely used processors in 2022! The most popular FX series processors in use today are the AMD FX-6300 and the AMD FX-8350. Surprisingly, both of these regularly outrank processors that came out in the last two years in terms of popularity. Obviously, these two aren’t going to be the fastest CPUs you can get your hands on, but they still pack a performance punch even today!

So, let’s get to the question everyone wants to know: Will These Processors Run Apex Legends?

Answer: YES.

Respawn Entertainment states that the minimum CPU required to play the game is the AMD FX-4350 or Intel i3-6300.

According to benchmarks from PassMark software, the AMD FX-6300 is roughly equivalent to the minimum requirements. Meanwhile, the AMD FX-8350 is slightly better than the minimum required CPUs. So if you have either of these you should be able to play the game just fine, but you may need to turn down the graphical settings low.

However, it’s important to note that your CPU or Processor is not the only piece of hardware required to run the game. Apex Legends is fairly graphically intensive, and your FX CPU will not be able to process them on its own.
You’ll need help from a Graphics Card or GPU. Arguably, the GPU is the MOST important piece of hardware when it comes to running games. If you have a decent GPU you can get away with a slower CPU Processor. A super-fast CPU usually won’t make up for a slow or nonexistent GPU. If your PC does not have a GPU it is unlikely the game will run for you.

So, what kind of FPS should I expect?

Again the most important factor for determining FPS performance in games is going to be the GPU, but assuming your GPU is fairly modern you should see decent FPS.
Here is an example:

1660 TI GPU + AMD FX-6300 = Around 68 FPS on High Settings @1080p

1660 TI GPU + AMD FX-8350 = Around 76 FPS on High Settings @1080p

Then if you compare that to a modern CPU that costs about $130 you do see quite a jump in performance.

1660 TI GPU + Ryzen 5 3600 CPU = Around 150 FPS on High Settings @1080p

Long Story Short:

If you have one of the two most popular AMD Processors, the FX-6300 or the FX-8350 your FPS will be playable as long as you have a decent graphics card. If your GPU doesn’t quite make the cut, check out our recommendations for cheap graphics cards here:

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