The Top WiFi Extenders for Starlink (2023)

The best wifi boosters & extenders for SpaceX’s Starlink Satelite Internet.

Starlink is a powerhouse of internet performance that is bringing speeds and prices previously unheard of in the more remote areas of the world.

However, speed doesn’t always equal range and some people might find that their connection works great in the office and living room, but those videos won’t stop buffering in the kitchen and bedroom. That is where a WiFi Extender comes into play.

Our staff has curated a list of the top Starlink-compatible options:

  1. Best Overall TP-Link AC2600 ~$89.99
  2. Mid-Range Option NETGEAR EX61200 ~$59.95
  3. On a Budget NETGEAR AC750 ~$34.99
  4. Ultimate Performace NETGEAR NightHawk Wifi 6 ~$169.99

In This Article:

How does a WiFi Extender work?

A WiFi extender also called a WiFi booster or repeater is a piece of networking equipment that allows you to extend your WiFi connection further and increase your network’s range. This is useful if you notice that one area of your house has a slower connection than another for instance. These devices work by connecting to your WiFI network as if were any other device, such as a computer or cellphone. However, instead of using that signal to access the internet, the wifi extender will read that connection and make a copy of it. Then, using its power source it will blast out a copy of that signal with renewed strength.

WiFi Extender Diagram – Courtesy of NETGEAR

Moreover, it’s important to note that the primary function of these devices is to increase the range of your existing router. So if you are having issues with speed, an extender isn’t going to do you much good. Before purchasing an extender be sure to confirm that your issue is range related and test a few things. A good method is to walk around with a wireless device such as a cellphone. If you are getting a good connection in one room, but suddenly that connection slows or degrades as you walk into another room, it’s a safe bet that an extender would fix that issue.

Additionally, it’s important to note that depending on the specifications and quality of a WiFi extender, the signal that is being extended can be degraded, meaning the area covered by your extender could run slower than the area covered by your main router. So it’s important to balance your budget with your performance expectations.

With technicals out of the way, let’s move on to InformedTechie’s (That’s us!) favorite Wifi Extenders.

Best Overall WiFi Extender

We’re awarding the “Best Overall” position to the TP-LINK AC2600

It packs a punch without completely breaking the bank. In fact, the only extender we’ve found that beats this in terms of performance is nearly double the price, so that makes this even more of an attractive option. This is an outlet unit, that plugs directly into one of your home’s standard wall outlets. It is slightly on the large size, so depending on your home and what devices you would plug in next to it, it can block the outlet. Setup is easy as there are four LED indicator lights that quickly give you helpful information. The circular light on the front of the device glows blue when you’ve chosen an outlet that is an acceptable distance from your main router and red if it’s a bit too far. This makes it easy to find the perfect spot in your home to plug it in.

TP-Link AC2600 ~$89.99

Mid-Range WiFi Extender

The Best Mid-Range Option goes to the NETGEAR EX6120.

his is the perfect device for somebody that values a fast internet connection, but also a plump wallet. While technically in the bottom half of Wi-Fi Boosters in terms of speed and range performance, It’s squarely at the top of that subset of devices. However, if f you have a very large house you may be disappointed by this device. Videos seemed to take some extra time to load on the outskirts of our testing area. Especially HD and 4k videos.

NETGEAR EX61200 ~$59.95

Best Budget WiFi Extender

The Best Budget Wifi Extender goes to the TP-Link AC750.

This might be the least expensive WiFi extender on the market. When it’s on sale it can go down to as cheap as $19. If you’re short on cash or weary about spending any money at all on a wifi-extender this is your best bet. It’s a fantastic option if you’re a light user that doesn’t need to boost your wifi signal very far. However, don’t go thinking that you can buy the cheapest one and extend your Starlink Wifi from one end of your range to the other. This device does leave something to be desired in terms of both speed and range.

NETGEAR AC750 ~$34.99

Ultimate Performance WiFi Extender

For ULTIMATE performance, we recommend the NETGEAR NightHawk WiFi 6.

It really doesn’t get much better than this.

With the right setup, you’ll forget you ever had any range issues at all, even in some of the largest houses. This device is for the person that wants to ensure their wifi network is running at the highest level of performance and is willing to spend more than average to get it. On sale, the lowest price this device drops to tends to be around $150. However, for some this very well may be worth it. Unless you’re trying to connect your network from the opposite side of your ranch or something, connecting to this device will be virtually indistinguishable from connecting to your main router. This is what peak performance looks like!

NETGEAR NightHawk Wifi 6 ~$169.99

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  1. I have a question. I work in the oilfield and our crew has Starlink on our truck to allow us to have internet access. Our starlink wifi router is in our truck, always 25 or 30 feet from our trailer yet the signal will not penetrate the metal skin of our trailer. Will a wifi extender be likely to resolve this issue and if so, which one is most likely to do so?

    1. Probably not.

      These devices receive a signal, copy it, and then send it out again. This is helpful to increase range, but if the input signal is low quality, the output will be too.

      If you can get a cable into your trailer from the truck you could use an ethernet cable to hardwire your Starlink router to a secondary router or an extender located within the trailer, however to do this you would need an ethernet adapter like this one: .

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