You Can Explore the Setting of Elder Scrolls VI Today… Here’s How

Anticipation builds with each passing year as fans eagerly await the next installment in their beloved game franchise. For devotees of the genre-defining open-world RPG series, the wait has been particularly agonizing since Bethesda Game Studios first teased what’s to come nearly six years ago in 2018. Whether you choose to spend your time in Tamriel with Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim (God forbid Arena or Daggerfall, but we know you exist), or all of the above, every single one of us is scratching at the neck for more news about The Elder Scrolls VI

So far we haven’t learned much, but On December 21, 2020, the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account hinted at the future with a cryptic tweet that read ‘Transcribe the past and map the future,’ followed by an image of a world map, igniting speculation about the next setting. But here’s the thing…

Next stop Hammerfell?

As you can see, there is a very intricately placed candle atop the portion of the map labeled ‘Hammerfell,’ leading to the majority of players theorizing that the next game in the series will in fact take place in the Imperial province of the same name… and you can explore it right now in The Elder Scrolls Online.😏

For an MMO that came out nearly 10 years ago, The Elder Scrolls Online (2014, Zenimax Online Studio) still holds up today. The game world encompasses every province of Tamriel and plans to add even more in the future. In fact, their upcoming expansion, The Gold Road, is set to be released this June.

ESO’s version of Hammerfell is currently comprised of these five zones: Alik’r Desert, Bangkorai, Craglorn, Hew’s Bane, and Stros M’Kai. We’re going to give you a rundown on each location and delve into their respective atmosphere, main quest, and lore (no spoilers!).


The quickest and easiest way to jump right into your Hammerfell experience is to choose the beginner zone of Stros M’kai. Being an island directly off the coast of the mainland, you will be treated to tropical flora and warm sands – with the occasional obligatory Dwemer ruin. Longtime Daggerfall Covenant players should remember this zone fondly, as it may have been the first one they played back when the game was released initially.

The main questline of Stros M’kai follows a band of miscreant ne’er-do-wells as they plan to escape the tyrannical reign of the local ruler. You will be tasked with jailbreaking a dashing rogue, aiding a con artist, exploring the aforementioned Dwemer ruin (my favorite part), and enacting an Ocean’s Eleven-type heist. 

What makes this zone unforgettable is the choices you make along the questline can change how the actual heist portion of the story plays out for you. If you enjoyed Stros M’kai, you should feel confident in spending your time with the next few zones as well.


The Alik’r Desert is where you will begin to delve deep into the lore of the Redguards. Aiding the King in a desperate fight against a risen necromancer from the past, you must join a nomadic group of outcasts known as the Ash’abah – the only people allowed to slay the risen dead, for… well… lore reasons. 

The zone gives you a lot of insight into the swordsman culture of the Redguard and teaches you what it means to be an Ansei (a sort of Redguard Jedi with the ability to summon a spirit weapon). The desert is vast and expansive, with a bunch of side quests tied to the tombs strewn about the sands. Mark my words, Alik’r will be a fan-favorite if it is correctly implemented into Elder Scrolls VI.


Bangkorai is an interesting place in Hammerfell, as it somewhat borders into High Rock. A lot of people speculate that Elder Scrolls VI may encompass parts of both provinces. While that would be an interesting idea and a first for the series, I would personally prefer if they double down on Hammerfell alone. This zone features desolate wastelands, dense forests, and – you guessed it – ancient ruins.

 The main story for Bangkorai involves the struggle between multiple factions for control of the region, as well as some interference with supernatural forces. Most notably, there is a major conflict between the Daggerfall Covenant and the Imperials, with a cheeky little sprinkle of Daedric prince shenanigans for good measure. The political situation regarding Bangkorai in TES VI will be something to look forward to, as it could possibly take place in the Fifth Era (a few centuries after ESO, which takes place in the 2nd Era).


Situated in the northern part of Hammerfell lies Craglorn, a land rife with turmoil due to the Celestials – powerful beings with ties to the constellations – wreaking havoc. Originally, Craglorn was designed strictly for challenging group content. 

When ESO came out with the One Tamriel update (essentially making the entire world map accessible regardless of level), Zenimax decided to add some additional solo content to the area as well.

Given the metaphysically cosmic nature of the theming in Craglorn, it is uncertain how this section of the province could change with the release of TES VI. It has the possibility to be the main focus of the greater story, or only a few oases with some scattered stones about. Like with all of these zones, the potential for Bethesda to work their old storytelling magic is palpable.

Hew’s Bane

With the release of The Thieve’s Guild DLC came Hew’s Bane, the southern portion of Hammerfell containing a mix of urban and coastal environments. Abah’s Landing – a haven for thieves, smugglers, and criminals – acts as the land’s main hub.

What’s a Thieves Guild questline without the Gray Fox? Reclaim the lost glory of the guild as you engage in activities befitting that of the life of a skilled thief, explore narrow alleyways, a seedy waterfront, and lucrative noble estates.

Given the elusive and enigmatic nature of the character of The Gray Fox, it is unlikely that Bethesda will include such a questline in TES VI, and may opt for a more original take on the guild’s story. We need to remember that if the next game in the series is to be any good, it must have everything Skyrim did and more. I do not envy Bethesda. 

Get Exploring!

So what are you waiting for? ESO’s take on the province of Hammerfell may not be to the single-player RPG standard of a mainline Elder Scrolls entry, but it’s all there. The lore, the secrets, the landscapes, and especially the theming of the ancient Redguard warrior caste. But to be fair, ESO, being an MMO still has some very predatory practices in regards to its monetization, but as a free-to-play account, you can still hop in and explore the setting of the next Elder Scrolls. The quality of writing is way above average for an MMO, all across the board. It will scratch that itch… Trust me.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: ‘What if the next Elder Scrolls doesn’t take place in Hammerfell?’ Well, in the oftentimes disappointing world of video games, all I can say is that’s the way she goes sometimes.

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