The Ultimate Mouse with Pinky Rest (2022)

There are a lot of different mice on the market these days. You’ll find endless articles covering “Best Gaming Mouse”, “Best mouse to use underwater on a Macbook”, or whatever other seemingly random use case people are interested in. But what if you just want a mouse that supports your pinky finger and prevents it from being dragged along your mouse pad?

We got you covered. Here are five of the best mice with pinky rests.

In this article:

R.A.T DWS by MadCatz

MadCatz has always been the gold standard when it comes to customizable mice and the R.A.T DWS is no different. In the box are two palm rests to choose from plus you can adjust the height to get that perfect comfortable grip. Additionally, the mouse comes with three interchangeable pinky rests. Three! If you’re like me and have been looking for a decent pinky rest you should be floored by that many options for a pinky rest on ONE mouse. It comes with a small sleek rest, a big “wing” rest, and a grippy rubber rest. At least one of them is very likely to fit your needs. I also want to bring attention to the design of this mouse. It just looks cool! It’s not the copy-paste design that every other mouse uses, it looks unique and has some cool features like the secondary barrel scroll wheel you can roll with your thumb. Overall, I’d say this is THE mouse if a pinky rest is important to you. (PS If you prefer a wired mouse, Check out the R.A.T 8+ instead)

Photon by Omen(HP)

If you don’t know already HP has decided to lean into gaming and has rebranded all their gaming products as “Omen”. The Photon is one of those products and it’s actually pretty good for a “Newcomer” in the space. You can customize it how you like, but for me, the modular pieces and adjustments didn’t really feel like I was customizing anything. Both the thumb rest and pinky rest can be removed, but you don’t get any additional interchangeable pieces to replace them with. However, you can swap the pinkie and thumb rest, which is essentially giving yourself a larger pinkie rest at the expense of a smaller thumb rest. Overall, I would deem this the “lite” version of the R.A.T DWS, and at about half the price it’s still a fantastic choice!

G600 by Logitech

Ok, so the Logitech G600 mouse doesn’t technically have a pinky rest. Instead, it has three mouse clicker buttons. The third mouse button is intended to be used by your ring finger, not your pinky. However, I have found that the mouse has plenty of space for your pinky to hitch a ride on that third mouse button, right below your ring finger. It’s not for everyone, but personally, this is one of my favorite mice of all time and has been my daily driver for the better part of the last decade. I always find myself coming back to it. It has what feels like endless buttons, it’s comfy, and it’s cheap!

Naga Trinity by Razer

As evident within this post, I am a sucker for modular mice and mice with a lot of buttons, and The Razer Naga Trinity Mouse has both. The Trinity has swappable side button panels, so you can rock 12 buttons, 7, or two. When using the 12-button panel it’s pretty similar to the Logitech G600, but instead of a third mouse clicker, there is a proper pinky rest. However, there seems to be a little less real estate available for your pinky on this one due to the shape of the pinky rest. (PS: The Razer Naga Pro is a good choice if you want a wireless mouse )

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