Mammoth 20 Battery

I recently purchased a Mammoth 20 numpad from cannon keys, and apparently, it didn’t come with a battery for the Bluetooth version! I thought I’d make this post to share my experience and where to find the battery you need. (It’s harder than you might think!)

Such a beautiful piece! Shame it’s the most annoying thing on the planet to figure out! Or at least it was for me. After reading the post you can just focus on the beauty and not the headache!

Long story short, if you’re buying the battery you can’t just buy the first one you find on amazon. This is the one you need.

  • 2PCS 3.7v 500mah Battery 303450 Lithium Polymer ion OCTelect

    • $5.99

I ordered one off amazon with the exact same battery code-name thing and it straight up didn’t work. The connector didn’t fit. I normally wouldn’t mind, but these things all take a few weeks to ship, so make sure you order the right one from the get-go!

As far as the Numpad itself goes I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s super hefty and sturdy. The build was simple enough, but make sure you follow the build guide as it’s fairly easy to make a few mistakes with the gaskets if you don’t.

Anyway, nothing quite like a mammoth. CLEAN numpad and I just love it.

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